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Astrolabe - Zuri-Inc

Silicone Mold
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Product Details
Brand: Zuri-Inc

Price Includes one Astrolabe Silicone Mold. This mold is part of the All Things Medley collection.

The 'Astrolabe’ mold can be used with clay or resin, as well as with food decoration mediums such as chocolate or fondant. When using resin with this mold, we recommend that you apply a release agent first, for example a thin layer of cooking oil spray. When using polymer or air-dry clay with this mold, we recommend that you apply a fine layer of cornstarch, talcum powder or water on the mold before filling it with clay.

From the creators of Zuri molds:
"We wanted a challenge, and we did it. The Astrolabe is a revolution in the mold industry, made out of parts that you can put together to create a finished products with movable parts.
The Astrolabe is an instrument formerly used to make astronomical measurements, typically of the altitudes of celestial bodies, and in navigation for calculating latitude, before the development of the sextant.
A couple of thousand years ago, astronomy instruments put the “high” in “high tech” and were the hot new thing for navigation and timekeeping. Even though astrolabes are extremely ancient technology, they’re still in use today and people still learn to make them as part of learning astronomy."
This mold is really big, with the finished product (when put together) being approximately 6 1/4″ in height. It comes with a lens, in case you want to make your product look more authentic. You can use an appropriate size screw and nut to hold the astrolabe together.

Product Specifications:

Finished Product Size: 6.3 x 6.25 x .6 inches

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