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Roses Rice Paper - ITD Collection

Rice Paper
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UPC: R1208
Brand: ITD Collection

Price includes: One Roses Rice Paper by ITD Collection.

This description was borrowed from ITD's website:

"Dark red rice paper Roses
Decoupage paper

Rice Decoupage Paper is perfect for both beginners and advanced hobbyists! It is easier to work with than with classic napkins. It is great for decorating glass but also for other surfaces such as wood, mdf or foam . Decoupage on glass looks fantastic . It has the characteristic fibers of irregular thickness in the entire structure, arranged in any directions, thanks to which products and articles made with this technique gain an original look and structure. Our rice sticking without any special recommendations as to the gluing technique, with each glue . Proven appropriate printing technique means that the colors remain clean, do not wash off under the influence of glue and do not fade. The paper sticks very well and can be gently used on oval objects. It allows you to get great results in the art of decouping. What paper to use for decoupage? Definitely the best or rice.

Paper dedicated to napkin technique ( Serviettentechnik).
ITD Collection - decoupage papers that encourage you to practice decoupage art! Make your own retro-style bauble and decorate it with Christmas motifs.
size 210x297 mm, 25-30 g / m2
ITD R1208 rice paper"

Please note: Color varies greatly from screen to screen. So colors can only be taken as an approximation.
Product Specifications: Measures approximately 8.25 inches × 11.75 inches
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