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Snowflake Stencil - ITD Collection

Mixed Media Stencil
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Product Details
UPC: ST0132A
Brand: ITD Collection

Price includes: One Snowflake Stencil from ITD Collection.

This description was borrowed from ITD's website:

mask for scrapbooking, decoupage, Mix Media
Template ST0132 - decors, stripes, ornaments, stars, snowflakes
size 16x16 cm, thickness 300 microns (0.3 mm).

Template - a mask made of transparent foil (it is easy to place it on a decorated object); reusable, paint resistant . Adheres to the decorated surface, it is durable (which allows for multiple use).

For use in decoupage , scrapbooking , mix media, cardmaking, pergamano, and collage techniques. For: painting, drawing, extruding, drawing ...

Each template is packed in a thin foil T-shirt, with holes for attachment to a binder or for hanging on a hanger, which makes storage much easier.

After use, the template should be washed immediately with a sponge and dishwashing liquid or other mild cleaning liquid.

PVC free - PVC FREE. Polyester film, guaranteeing environmental friendliness due to the possibility of full, re-processing as a raw material.

Suitable for children's work and for contact with food.

Produced in accordance with the principle of 1935/2004 - meets EU regulations regarding products intended to come into contact with food, harmonized at the level of the European Community."

Please note: Color varies greatly from screen to screen. So colors can only be taken as an approximation.
Product Specifications: Measures approximately 6.25 inches x 6.25 inches.
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