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Steampunk Texture Sheet - Zuri-Inc

Silicone Mold
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Product Details
Brand: Zuri-Inc

Price includes one Steampunk Wings Texture Sheet. This sheet is part of the Steampunk collection.

From the creators of Zuri Molds:

Our texture sheets are made using the highest quality silicone rubber. They are very flexible, allowing both for paper stamping and clay impressions. The silicone rubber, although it has a light scent specific to this type of product, is completely non-toxic and is FDA-certified to be safe when in contact with food. It can withstand temperatures between (-45F to 158F. The texture sheets are so detailed, they are arguably the most intricate on the market.

How to use texture sheets:

Condition your medium (clay fondant, etc.) according to their manufacturer's provided instructions. Roll the medium into a sheet. Place the texture stamp face down on the clay and apply even pressure on the back of the texture sheet (with a rolling pin for example) until you achieve the desired impression on the medium.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions - W: 5.35" H: 7.71" D: 0.13"

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