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Z-Series #2 X-ACTO Knife - X-Acto

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Product Details
UPC: XAZ3602
Brand: X-Acto

Price includes: one X-Acto XZ3602 Z-Series #2 Precision Knife with Cap.

Cut ultra-sharp, precise marks using our sharpest and most durable blade ever with the X-ACTO Z-series #2 knife. The blades are coated in zirconium-nitride for increased longevity and meticulously sharpened to provide the ideal blade angle the perfect combination of precision and stability, the #2 blades slice through medium-density materials like cardboard, plastic wood and rubber.

  • The z-series is our sharpest, longest lasting knife ever
  • Zirconium-nitride coated blade for a sharper hone angle and increased durability
  • Heavy-duty #2 blades precisely cutting and trimming medium-density materials like cardboard, plastic, soft Wood and rubber
  • Cap protects your blade for simple storage
Caution: Sharp Blade. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children

Product Specifications:

Includes: knife handle, #2 z-series blade and a cap

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