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ASC Design Team – Ortensie and Butterfly Altered Mini Canvases

This is a step by step tutorial on how I made these altered mini canvases using supplies from ASC Craft Supplies and from my stash.  This is one of the projects for April as a design team member.  These mini canvases go perfectly with the mirror I did in one of my posts.  These mini canvases will be going to my mom for Mother’s Day as well.  I know she is going to love all three of them.

ASC Supply List for the written tutorial project:

Stamperia Gold Glitter Glue

Stamperia Ortensie and Butterfly Rice Paper – 23-174

Darice® 3-pc Ivory Pearl Bling Sticker Strips – 7-274

49 & Market Botanical Potpourri Snow – 1-061

Studio 71 Mini Canvas 3×3 – 7-127

Supplies from my own stash:

Various paper flowers

Blue Twine

Cheese Cloth


Acrylic Paint – Light Blue and Dark Blue Metallic

Modge Podge

Hot Glue

Art Glitter Glue


Paint Brushes



Step One:

Apply Gesso to the both canvases and allow to dry completely. Once the Gesso is dry apply a coat of the light blue acrylic paint and let that dry.  I did not mix the light blue with the Gesso like I did in the tutorial for the mirror. I wanted the canvases to be slightly different than the mirror.

Step Two:

Take and pour some of the Metallic Dark Blue paint out and grab a stencil paint brush.  This is going to be applied using a dry brush method.  This means dab the brush into the paint until there is just a hint of paint on the brush and dab in various spots around the mirror.  Let that layer dry.  This is the same technique I used on the mirror.

Step Three:

Once the metallic blue is dry I wanted to use two of the images of the butterflies from the rice paper, so I ripped around the images.  These will be adhered with Modge Podge similar to how images were applied to the mirror.  Once the images are applied put them aside to dry.

Step Four:

In my original post I talked about how I used Nuvo Mica Mist – Nebula Blue and sprayed the cheese cloth.  I still had some left over, so I cut out two squares and then cut the squares down into triangle to adhere to each canvas.

Step Five:

Using Modge Podge start applying each of the images to two corners of each canvas making sure not to cover up the butterfly image.  Start from the inside of the image and work your way outwards. I went off the edge of each canvas and then pushed the cheese cloth back up to have more texture.  I put the canvases aside and let them dry overnight.

Step Six:

Next I took the Ivory Pearl Bling and cut into single strips.  I placed a strip long enough to go along one side and then starting from that corner worked my way around all four sides until the canvas had a border.

Step Seven:

I did the same thing with the gold glitter glue that did with the flowers on the mirror and let them dry. Once they were dry I hot glued the paper flowers to two corners of the canvases and also put two green leaves behind each cluster of flowers.

Step Eight:

I wanted these canvases to be able to be hung with the mirror, so I drilled two small holes in the top of each canvas; about two inches apart.  Then I took the blue twine and put an end through each hole.  Next I tied a not in the twine and secured the knots with hot glue to make sure they wouldn’t come undone.

I decided on the canvases not to put the 3D Dollar Tree butterflies, because the images on this paper are so amazing I felt they could stand out on their own.

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