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Free shipping on all US orders with a subtotal over $75!

ASC Design Team Project – The Sound of Autumn Shadow Box

I am so in love with Ciao Bella Paper’s “The Sound of Autumn” paper collection and have already used it in two projects.  This is a third project I did as a design team member for ASC Craft Supplies and I’m super excited to share it with you.  This is a step by step tutorial on how I made and decorated a 6″ x 6″ shadow box.  The wood that is used for this box is 100% finished recycled pallet wood and it makes a great canvas for any type of project.  It sanded down and has the smoothest feel; I’ve never felt anything like it. 

You can find the supplies listed below with links to ASC Supplies’ Esty shop.  The other supplies used in this particular project are from my personal supply stash or other ASC Supplies purchases. 

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ASC Supply List for this written tutorial project:

Ciao Bella – The Sound Of Autumn 12″ x 12″ Paper Pack

49 & Market Floral Mixology Blood Orange

Supplies and tools from my craft room:


Paint Brush


Craft Knife

Paper Cutter

Hot Glue

Art Glitter Glue

ATG Adhesive Gun

Gold washi tape

Fall Flower Stems from Joanns

Paper leaves

Gold Bling strips

Mini house that my friend Abril gave me when I visited CA.

Vintage photo distress ink from Tim Holtz

Spanish Moss

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Kings Gold

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – Chestnut

6″ x 6″ Redeem Wood Box

Step One: I originally popped out enough of the mini house pieces to make three houses, which I did, but because of the size of the box I only ended using one of them.  Each house comes with two pieces for the roof, two pieces for the front and back of the house, and two pieces for the sides.  There is one piece for the base of the house.  All of the pieces are tongue and groove and I used Art Glitter Glue to hold them together so they wouldn’t fall apart. 

Step Two: I picked out the paper from the collection that I wanted to use and made sure to glue down the roof pieces on the opposite side that paper that had the woven straw look.  I then glued down each roof piece and let it dry before cutting the paper down with a craft knife. 

Step Three: I probably could have gotten away without the little notch in the roof pieces, but I went ahead and used a really small hole punch to cut the paper out of the notch and then used my craft knife to cut the rest of the paper out of the notch.  The notches are there because originally these little houses were intended to hang on strings of light. 

Step Four: The first house I made I didn’t paint all of the pieces with the coffee bean paint, but the house I used in this project I did.  I painted two coats the fronts, backs, and sides of the other two houses including the one for this box. 

Step Five:  Once all of the pieces were dry I glued down the front and back of the house onto the opposite side of another paper in the collection that looked like wood.  Once the glue was dry I used my craft knife and carefully cut the paper away making sure to expose each of the tongues and grooves so I could put the house together without any issues. 

Step Six: Next I applied Art Glitter Glue in each of the grooves and started putting the pieces into place. 

Step Seven:  There was piece of paper in the collection that was more for a scrapbook page layout, but I loved it so much I knew I wanted to use it for the focal image in the back of the box.  I cut out the piece to fit exactly inside the box, which was a little under 5″ x 5″ and then cut out the piece for the frame which was roughly 6″ x 6″. 

Step Eight: I was very careful in cutting this image out because I knew I wanted to use the other side of the paper for the frame around the outside of the box.  I cut a piece out that was 6″ x 6″ and then turned it over to measure for the opening.  I measured 5/8″ from all sides and drew lines to make sure I cut just enough for the opening.  Once I had the box drawn I cut it with a craft knife and then glued this piece to the front of the box. 

Step Nine:I outlined the focal image piece with gold washi tape to make a “frame” around the image and then I glued that piece onto the inside back of the box. 

Step Ten: Once the glue was dry for the frame, I took a nail file and went around the edges to kind of help the paper blend into the wood and give it a really smooth edge.  When that was done I took a mini dauber and distressed the edges of the frame on the inside and the outside.  Finally I was able to glue down the house on the inside and the sentiment I wanted to use, matted in orange shiny paper, to the top of the box. 

Step Eleven: One of the final steps in this project is the decorations and I love this part. I used bling strips randomly around the edge.  Cut a little piece of paper to fit in the center of ticket and used some more words from the collection and foam mounted the ticket to the inside upper right hand corner, making sure NOT to cover the deer.  I distressed four paper leaves with the Vintage Photo distress ink.  I glued down flowers from the Mixology collection after glue down various strips of the Autumn sprigs from Joanns.  This part is really hard to explain in blog posts, but I’m hoping you get the gist of what I did by the photos. 

Step Eleven: The very last part of the project involved gluing down moss and dry brushing acrylic paint on it to add some Autumn color to it.  I am not a fan of any type of moss because I hate the mess it makes, but I really felt this piece needed it.   Once I was happy with the amount of moss and how it looked I then hot glued flowers and seed sprigs in various places and called it done. 

I ended up adding a picture hanging piece to the back of the box and will proudly hang this up in my living room.  I love the colors in this piece and how the flowers accent the colors not only in the paper, but the Autumn theme as well. 

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