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Masculine Card using Graphic 45 Ocean Blue with Hidden Pop-up


Cutting/score guide HERE.

Closure attachment

Step 1: Cut and score according to guide and set pieces aside.  Burnish score marks.  This card has a little bit of bulk which is why a 1/4″ gusset was incorporated.

Step 2: Use adhesive to attach closure to inside back of card base at center side.  Add a magnet on the inside before adhering closure mats.  Use magnet on closure to help with proper magnet positioning on front of card base.

Step 3: Use adhesive to adhere front/inside mats (colored cardstock (CCS)and pattern paper (PP)).


Step 4: Fold and burnish pop-up (6″ x 6″).  Fold forward on both 3″ score lines and then fold in the opposite direction on the corner to corner score line.  See photos below for photo by photo steps.

Open pop-up
1st fold
2nd fold
Open after 1st 2 folds
3rd fold (flip over before folding corner to corner)
Inside after 3rd fold
Turn to this position
Bring two center folds in
Burnish & apply glue at correct time
Pop-up mechanism placement in closed folded state
Installed pop-up

Step 5: With the inside of the card base up (long way), glue the pop-up base in closed folded state to matted inside of card panel near closest score line.  Add glue to exposed side of pop-up box and close card base.  Be mindful that 1/4″ gusset is straight.  Let glue dry.  Test pop-up.

Cut two mats on the diagonal
Matted pop-up

Step 6: Adhere mats to pop-up base.  Two mats will need to be cut on the diagonal.

Matted Hidden pop-ups
Glue placement
Installed Pop-up Mechanism
Installed Hidden Pop-ups

Step 7: Adhere mats to hidden pop-up (bottom has no mat).  Burnish pop-up mechanism (1/2″ x 4″).  Put glue on 1″ area ONLY on the right.  Place inside hidden pop-up.  Put glue on 1″ area ONLY on the LEFT.  Close hidden pop-up.  Repeat.  Let glue dry.  Glue hidden pop-ups to pop-up areas.

Step 8: Add velcro dots to hidden pop-ups.  Glue mechanism mat to top ledge.

Step 9: Embellish to personal preference.

Gusset comparison photo

Note: A quarter inch gusset was added due to bulk of card.  Pictures show card with and without gusset for comparison.  Additional gusset means card will not lay completely flat when opened.

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