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🎨🎁🎟 Fall/Halloween Raffle 🎨🎁🎟 Pick Your Numbers 🎨🎁🎟

This raffle package includes 50 different items to include flowers, ephemera, chipboard, liquid pearls, and bling. Everything pictured is included.

Please read the below information carefully:

Facebook will not allow me to post anything to do with a raffle in the group so the instructions are here but all comments plus the raffle board updating will be on the original post without incriminating details. 

I know it’s a lot of back and forth but for now, it’s the best I can do until I figure out an easier work around.   

There are 62 Virtual Raffle Tickets available for $2 each, payable through PayPal @ via FRIENDS AND FAMILY please. If you would like to pay using another method such as Cash App or Venmo, please send Cherie Shoaf a private message on Facebook and that can be arranged. Once you’ve sent money for your tickets, please comment which numbers you would like to claim. Shipping is included already so there are no hidden costs unless you are international. In the case of an international winner, we will request the extra costs solely associated with the rise in shipping costs.

After you send $ for your tickets, go back to the original post and leave a comment stating which numbers to put your name by. Example: Jenn wants 2 tickets and her favorite numbers are 14 and 36. After she sends her money she will comment 14 and 36 or some variation of that info on the original post. We will then put her name by those numbers.

The cost is $2 per number/ticket.

Make sure you comment your numbers on the original post so that others can see your choices if we are running behind.

We will edit the post as quickly as possible following comments and receipt of payment. If someone claims your numbers first, we will ask you to re-pick. Please check numbers in the comments above you to make sure you aren’t claiming the same one twice just in case we run behind on updating.  I will try my best to keep up with everyone.

Also, if tickets sell out before we are able to close the raffle post, we will offer you the option of first choice in the next raffle or a refund.

As soon as we’ve sold all 62 tickets, all names will go on the LIST RANDOMIZER to choose a winner. The list of names will be pasted into the randomizer exactly as they have been picked by you. The person/number that lands in spot number 1 after it regenerates will win the raffle package.

Package Content List (Retail Value $115 Plus $9 Shipping):

  1. Double Row Light Purple Bling 4mm – 1 yard
  2. Matte Haunted House Charms
  3. Flower Pearls – Purple
  4. AC Jolee’s Boutique Bling – Black Circle 42pc – 3oz
  5. Nuvo Crystal Drop – Violet Galaxy
  6. Nuvo Crystal Drop – Crushed Grape (Gloss)
  7. Seedlings – Veridian
  8. Liquid Pearls – Violet
  9. Liquid Pearls – Electric
  10. Liquid Pearls – Onyx Pearl
  11. Liquid Pearls – Outrageous
  12. Chipboard pieces – Cobwebs with Spiders
  13. Chipboard pieces – Witch
  14. Stampendous – Batty Cat Die Set
  15. Stampendous – Batty Cat Stamp Set
  16. PhotoPlay – Monster Mash Ephemera Pack QTY: 2
  17. 49 & Market Sugar Petals – Huckleberry
  18. Leaf Embellishments – Fall Pine – 12pc – 1 1/2″
  19. Diamond Collection – Flowers – Rising Fire – 12pc (1.25in-2in)
  20. Diamond Collection – Flowers – Strength – 12pc (0.5in-2in)
  21. Flowers – Gilden Night (Leaves)
  22. Halloween Flowers – Special Edition
  23. Flowers – Troika – Fossil – 4pc
  24. Sharon Ziv Collection – Flowers – Mauve Dream 12pcs

  25-50 Assorted Promlee Flowers as Pictured


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