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ASC Design Team – G45 Princess Collection Project Share

This is a tutorial on one of the projects I made for the ASC Supplies design team I’m on.  I made a shadow box using the G45 Princess collection and a Cheezit box I got at the Dollar Tree.  Yes, the Cheezits were delicious and since I’m a big “use what you have” and “don’t throw that away, I can make something out of it” kind of person I immediately started thinking of how I could use the box and incorporate it into my design team project.

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Blog Design Team Tammy Sexton Tutorials

ASC Design Team – Ortensie and Butterfly Altered Mirror

This is a step by step tutorial on how I made this altered mirror using supplies from ASC Craft Supplies and from my stash.  This is my first official project as a design team member.  I love how this mirror turned out and how easy the rice paper is to work with. It is stronger than tissue paper, so there is no worry about it ripping when applying it to a surface with something like Modge Podge.  Plus the images and colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  I have decided…

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